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Thesus Health drives better outcomes for healthcare providers. Here are a few of out customer profiles:
Home Care
  • Decrease staffing challenges

  • Increase new client revenues

  • Increase hours with existing Caregivers

  • Increase client length of service

Hospital Employees
  • Increase patient compliance

  • Improve clinical outcomes

  • Lower readmissions rates

  • Lower length-of-stay

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Home Health
  • Increase patient satisfaction

  • Reduce referral rejection rates

  • Increase new patient revenues

  • Increase existing clinical team efficiencies

Cliinical Trials
Clinical Trials
  • Increase participant compliance

  • Improve data fidelity and accuracy

  • Quicken recruiting efforts

  • Lower chance of failed trials

Medication Administration

By offering real-time medication safety and oversight, we can confidently promote near 100% prescription adherence along with visual confirmation of medication consumption.

Eldery Man Taking Medication

Home Care Agencies

Imagine a world where staffing issues go down while revenues and active client counts go up!

Home Care Agencies will have a competitive advantage by utilizing Thesus Health to care for their clients and realize the following benefits:

Home Care Agency Benefits Percentages.png

Improvement in Total Lifetime Value

Increase in Revenues

Increase in Client and Family Satisfaction

Reduction in Staffing Turnover and Recruitment Costs

Decrease in Service Interruption

Hospitals and Health Care Systems

Finally, a solution that can positively affect readmission rates, HCAHP scores, and length of stay!

Hospitals and Health Systems will play a more active, effective role in their patients recovering successfully at home, realizing the following benefits:

Hospital Systems Benefits Percentages.png

Increase in HCAHP scores


Increase in Health System's Home Health / Home Care Revenue

Reduction in Hospital Readmissions

Decrease in Length of Stay

Home Health

Home Health agencies will be able to increase their quality of care and patient engagement with the addition of virtual care assurance.  Clinical team members will appreciate having new flexibilities to serve patients more efficiently with even better care coordination.

Home Health Percentage Benefits.png

Increase in Clinical Outcomes


Increase in New Clients

Increase in Client Contact

Reduction in Patient ER Visits due to Medication Issues

Reduction in Referral Rejection Rates

Clinical Trials

Experience a solution that creates oversight and compliance for decentralized trials, especially where subjects have multiple other medications to take as part of their care plan.

Clinical Research Organizations will realize the following benefits:

Clinical Trials Percentage Benefits.png

Improvement in Data Fidelity


Savings in Remote Investigator Time

Increase in Successful Participant Follow-up

Upturn in Recruiting and Retaining Patients

*Based on our Board of Advisors professional expertise on industry analytics
Medical Doctor Holding IPad

The Possibilities are Endless

We can re-imagine supporting our aging population in so many ways. 

Here are just a few more health sectors where we can help:

Veterans Administration

Independent Living

Behavioral Health

Native American Health

Rural Health


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