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Our Solution

We’ve built a total solution that ensures improved patient care plan compliance and daily prescription adherence that lowers costs, reduces hospital readmissions, and simplifies out-of-office patient care.

Now more than ever, there is an unprecedented demand for healthcare companies to secure effective virtual avenues for enhancing efficiency, elevating health outcomes, and optimizing performance.

All-in-one fully integrated, HIPAA-compliant service with advanced data security

Remote Patient Monitoring
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
Remote Camera Accessibility
Remote Camera 
Real Time Doctor Counseling
Real-Time Provider Counseling

Our solution combines Software as a Service (SaaS) based machine learning software with a leading edge medical device platform that enhances patient care, improves compliance, and measures adherence...

All while lowering the overall healthcare cost of care

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Simplifies Out-Of-Office Patient Care

Supports vital tracking and monitoring

Improves Clinical Outcomes

Improved health for chronic conditions

Reduces Costs

Lowers readmissions and extends caregiver coverage

Enhances Adherence

Manages medication and care plan adherence

Lowers Hospital Readmissions

Provides comprehensive follow-up care

  • Holistic at-home clinical tracking
  • Medication administration assurance
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Flexible dosing script management
  • Visual and vitals monitoring
  • Skin and wound review
  • Telehealth
  • Interoperability
  • Data security through Amazon Web Services (AWS)
SaaS in AWS
"Quality is something extremely important that Thesus Health would be able to help with because you're keeping patients healthier, you're keeping them out of the hospital, and you're really assisting your primary care doctors"

Steven C. Bjelich

Former President & CEO at St Francis Medical Center

Our B2B Customers will improve their patients/clients' lives

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Meet Mable

Mabel is a 74-year-old female diagnosed with hypertension and early-stage congestive heart failure.  She is pre-diabetic and recently went through hip replacement surgery. Mabel sometimes forgets to take her medication or misses taking one or more of her nine daily scripts.

Last month, Mabel fell from dizziness after improper medication intake and broke her hip, requiring replacement surgery.  She spent two weeks in an Inpatient rehab facility and is about to be discharged. 

Her family is worried they may have to put her into assisted living or get a full-time caregiver, both which will be far more expensive than her current care.  They worry about her medications, her recovery, and how she’s going to continue to get to all the office visits required by her three specialists and her primary care physician.

Luckily, the providers working with Mabel just brought in Thesus Health to expand their services.  The Home Health agency responsible for her hip recovery suggests using the solution to combine an in-person nurse and therapy visits with a virtual nurse, wound care, and therapy assessments, expanding their reach without providing an extra burden on their staff. 

The Home Care agency currently providing onsite companion care and personal care suggests changing the services plan to combine onsite and virtual care as well.  These changes will increase the weekly contact with Mabel, provide coverage to her seven days a week instead of five, and provide both morning and evening check-ins.

As an added bonus, the PCP, the specialists, and the health system will receive status reports automatically and be able to follow-up with any issues immediately by using the software and the Telehealth visit features within the solution.

Mabel’s family is ecstatic.  They can now provide Mabel with more comprehensive coverage, more in-depth oversight, and more complete communications of status without adding the additional expense and burden of an assisted living facility or 24-7 onsite in-home care. Problem solved.

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Our solution will

Enhances Better-Quality Health
Improves Reduction of ER visits and Hospitalizations
Extends the Time to Live At-Home
Increases Client and Family Satisfaction
Expands the Care Plan's Impact
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